Registering for participation in Peace March 2021

If you are arriving in an individual arrangement, you can as well register at starting point - village Nezuk, on July 8th 2021, just before Peace March 2021 starts (7.00 - 8.45am).

Group registration will be received by July 1st 2021 at the latest.

Peace March 2021 (Nezuk - Potočari) starts at 8.45 AM, so there is about two hours for you to register. It is possible that you will have to wait due to large number of other participants trying to register this way.

You can as well join along the planned route on second or third day of March, but you are obliged to inform the stewards or Organizers of your presence, once you reach the camp.


Organized transportation to Nezuk?

There will be no buses | no organized transportation from municipalities in Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina to Nezuk.

However, transportation will be organized for participants coming from Srebrenica. Buses from Srebrenica depart on July 8th 2021 at 06.00am, and will be receiving participants from the bus stations on following route: Srebrenica-Potočari-Konjević Polje-Zvornik-Nezuk.

Participants are advised to travel back from Potočari to Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, etc... via buses transporting citizens to burial ceremony on July 11th.


How much does the participation fee for Peace March cost?

Participation in Peace March 2021 requires no entrance fee. It is free of charge.


Will there be enough room in military tents for all participants?

We suggest you bring your own equipment, i.e. camping tents, sleeping bags and all the other things you consider adequate for this event. Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina will provide limited capacity, sufficient only for about one quarter of total number of participants. We also expect very variable weather conditions.


Are we going to be provided with transportation of our equipment?

Military trucks of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (OS BiH) will provide transportation of your equipment from one sleepover point to another. Please note that you should, however, carry valuable personal belongings (such as cameras, mobile phones, laptops and other technical gadgets) with you. Given this note, Organizers and OS BiH will not be held responsible for any damages to your technical, fragile equipment.


Will there be enough food and water supplies?

This year, participants will not receive free dry rations/meals. They are, instead, advised to get enough food for three day long, quite challenging walk.

Mobile water tanks (trucks) will provide fresh water on several locations.

There will also be a chance for you to buy some refreshments and fruit in small shops in villages along the planned route. Solidarity of other participants and hospitality of local population is well known, over the past years, in case of lacking food or water.


Am I allowed to take photos during this event?

Over the past years, Peace March participants have taken thousands of photos and recorded dozens of video materials, either being amateur or professional. As long as you are not violating/invading privacy of other persons or causing general disarray, you are allowed to take unlimited number of photos in all possible locations.

If you wish to share your photos or stories with the rest or the world, via our website and social newtorking sites, you can send your materials to: feedback@marsmira.org, and we will be more than glad to publish.


Is it allowed for minors to participate without an escort of their parents or guardians?

When it comes to the responsibility of Organizers for health and safety of participants we ask for your maximal understanding. "Guidelines" presented on this website clearly indicate the code of conduct participants should adhere to in order for this campaign to pass gracefully, in peace and order. Previous campaigns showed that minors/teenagers represent a critical category of participants, on many grounds. Therefore, parental or guardian escort to minors is required in order to prevent any possible inconveniences regarding their behavior or health.


Is it allowed for persons with chronic diseases to participate?

Our noble friends, members of mobile medical teams will be at disposal for all kinds of basic medical interventions. Even healthy people take personal responsibility for their own well-being. That is why we recommend to people with chronic diseases, to ask for consultation and approval of the responsible physician, before joining this event. There are so many inspiring individual stories of disabled persons walking all the way to Potočari. Please note that this is a campaign of solidarity. You should not put your health and well-being at risk and cause possible inconveniences to yourself and to organizers.

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Prepared and traslated to English by :Rusmir Gadžo ( webmaster | www.marsmira.org)
(in case you notice any irregularities, please feel free to contact me at: feedback@marsmira.org)